• September 18, 2014

Sony DSC-RX100 III vs Canon G1X Mark II Comparison, Which is better?

On the outside, it does not look like much and the truth is that even though internally there are similarities, they will not be mistaken for twins. One is pocket compact and comes with an integrated viewfinder; the other is compact in size, has a blunt aspect and lacks a viewfinder. One has a 1 inch sensor in the front and comes with 20 megapixels and the other has a size close to the APS-C and some 13 million points. And neither of their respective zooms bear a resemblance.

Despite these differences, those of you who have money to invest in a compact camera, will have surely have included these two cameras. We are talking about the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II and the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III. Despite their enormous differences as they aspire to be the choice among those who look for quality images, and are an advanced option in a relatively compact size.


  • September 16, 2014

The Fuji X-T1 “Graphite Silver Edition” is leaked, luxury version with new firmware.

To top off everything that was rumored until today, we received a new leak with another delicious novelty for the 10-S fujist: The Fuji X-T1 “Graphite Silver Edition” a silver and luxurious version of the classic X-T1 with some new surprise in its firmware. The news come from a good Japanese web source digicame-info, so we don’t doubt too much that this information will be confirmed soon officially.

Fuji X-T1 “Graphite Silver Edition”

Generally, the “Special Editions” of cameras are, either exclusive design for collectors and people with means or with a developed sense of smell for investment, or fresh meat for the extremely stylish photographers. However, if it is confirmed, this Fuji X-T1 “Graphite Silver Edition” can be something more than an exclusive camera with an exquisite multilayer finish on the body and with some high end complements like a leather strap and an aluminum cover on the Flash adaptator. This “Graphite Silver Edition” has more surprises than the costly makeover.


  • September 15, 2014

Apple Watch: why a photograph amateur would like to have it

Although highly expected, the presentation of the Watch in today’s keynote of the mystic Cupertino Company has set long teeth on many users. Even though it is more a gadget or an accessory than a real photographic tool per se, it is true that it has some features that will delight many photographers and users of the brand, as it is conceived to work with an iPhone (starting from model 5).

The first of these features, and the most obvious one, is the possibility to navigate your gallery from your wrist. In the same way, you can zoom and navigate as you would do on your phone’s camera roll, sliding your finger through the touchscreen, or using the watch’s own crown, that in this case is digital.


  • September 14, 2014

Sony Lens-style, new models

Around a year ago, Sony surprised everyone presenting a new photographic concept. It consisted basically on an optic to which a sensor and a processor were added, and, so it could be used, it had to be linked to a smartphone. Sony called this series the Lens-style cameras and we think they didn’t do badly because they just presented two more models of the same series, the ILCE-QX1 and DSC-QX30.



The first of these two models, Sony ILCE-QX1, is the most novel due to the fact that it allows you to mount E optics and also, with an adapter, A optics. Also, its sensor is a potent ExmorTM size APS-C and 20 megapixels of resolution.


  • September 13, 2014

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s vs LG G3. First camera comparative?

Users with the new iPhone 6 in their hands continue to reveal data from the device’s, and if some hours ago we could see the results of the first benchmark, now it is the turn of the back camera with a photograph taken in complicated lighting conditions. It is a typical night scene with many contrasting zones that manage to make even the best sensors in the market, cringe. How does iPhone 6 fares against this situation?

If we trust in the veracity of this image, and that we cannot see in bigger resolution, the iPhone 6 shows an evident improvement in image quality when compared against iPhone 5S. Its sensor appears way more luminous and the new optic stabilization system will help improve the results attained with the back camera.


  • September 11, 2014

News on “smartwatches”: The battle between Gear S, Moto 360 and G Watch R

Last week, Samsung and LG showed their new Smartwatches and it is expected that on September 4 Motorola presents its circular watch to society. Last week, LG and Samsung, Korean rivals, presented each one a new smartwatch model. LG placed its bets on the more traditional, circular model, while Samsung got daring with phone calls from the watch.


These two gadgets have been revealed a few days before the IFA, the consumer’s technology fair that is celebrated in Berlin this week. Also, just before the act in which Motorola will most probably finally present its Moto 360. The battle for the best smartwatch has begun. These three models are rivals between them. They have a couple of similarities and some characteristics that differentiates them.


  • September 10, 2014


With the images leaked a couple of weeks ago, Pentax officially presents its K-S1, a monocular digital reflex which most differentiating characteristic rests on the “luminous” style of its user interface.

That does not mean that technologically, the K-S1 is not advanced; it actually incorporates “the best” of the Pentax actual series in APS-C format, but it is true also that the design has been done – it is said – “In collaboration and under the supervision for design and color by the Tokio branch of Zyba Tokyo, Co., Ltd of the Zyba design company with its headquarters in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A”…. An in general, we already know what happens when, in the photographic sector, the great designers get in between.


Well… this is not only about the color combination, which are twelve colors of which we will talk later on, but also of a LED illumination system with color codes, directed not only towards the user (The photographer) but also the people photographed… yes.


  • September 6, 2014

Kipon launches nine macro adapters for mount Fuji X.

The new helicoid macro Kipon adapters appear as a good solution, good, pretty and cheap to initiate us to the close-up photography with our CSC cameras Fuji X Series. There are nine adaptors for different frames for macro: M42, Contax / Yashica, Canon EOS, Leica R, Nikon G, Nikon F, Olympus OM, Pentax K and Pentax K (DA).

Kipon macro adapters

Some ask us, what is a helicoid adapter? Basically it’s a power adapter that has the distinction of having a built an extension tube that increases or decreases the distance of the target to the sensor. This has achieved reducing the minimum focusing distance of the lens, enabling macro photography lenses not originally designed for this task. The more angular the focal lens, the more pronounced the effect of approximation.


  • September 5, 2014

Olympus presents the new PEN E-PL7 camera

Olympus presents the new PEN E-PL7 camera which combines, style, quality and connectivity.

Olympus PEN E-PL7

The designers from the PEN series understood perfectly what other brands haven’t: many seek a camera that complements its style with high quality and creative abilities. Which is why they avoid plastic reflex cameras that a large and ruin its personal aspect.

The LCD screen of the new PEN can swivel and twist to make shots with the timer of selfies or video without the fingers becoming a nuisance for framing. You can even drive without touching the camera, simply using the smartphone’s screen.


  • September 4, 2014

Nikon’s “Flagship”, the D4s has received a relevant firmware update

Nikon is not experiencing its best moment. The problems in some in the D600 and D800 series have caused some users to “quarantine” the confidence they had in the Japanese brand. But, besides this stumble, all of us who adore photography will maintain the hop that the good time will return, and that Nikon will surprise us with great flawless cameras in the future.

Nikon D4s

Meanwhile, it is evident that it is striving to maintain its firmware upgrade policy, which is nothing more than an efficient way to respect their client’s investment. Precisely, a few days ago they launched the upgrade C:1.10, for its flagship, D4S new firmware that is improved greatly and which resolves some problems of the previous version of the micro program of this camera.