• August 1, 2014

Rumor: the Fuji X30 will have an electronic visor instead of an optic one.

From Fujirumors it is commented that the Fuji X30 could incorporate an electronic visor insubstitution of the optic visor that the Fuji X20 currently has. It would be a movement from the part of Fujifilm that will surely rally people for and against.

Fuji X30

Even if the optic visor is the usual preference for most fujists, the Fuji X10 and X20 one is often criticized by a good portion of the users that acquire these cameras, as they are not used to the parallax error and because the lens appears in the framing an a good portion of the most angular focal range. An electronic visor could be the most marketable solution for Fujifilm and maybe even the cheapest.

What do you think about a Fuji X30 with an electronic lens?