Canon unveils the mystery and announces a white version of the Rebel SL1

Accompanied by a 40 mm f2.8 -white as well-, it seems that this version will only be available in Asia.

Canon rebel sl1

Canon has just confirmed what for many will be a disappointment: the mysterious news the company released a while ago were just talking about the white version of the canon rebel sl1. Or more specifically, the EOS Kiss X7, the name of this new white-colored model for the Asian market, where, it seems, will hit the market this year.

This is the first white SLR camera from Canon; the 40 mm f2.8 lens also shares its color. Other than that, it’s the same camera.

Waiting to see if this version will be released outside Asia, only the Japanese and South Korean divisions of the brand talked about this new Canon model, known as Kiss.

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