Nikon is replacing the D600 for the D610

Complains, a collapsed tech support and countless apologies were among the catastrophe Nikon had to go through with the release of the D600, a model with lots of problems that would be replaced by the D610 a year later. Nikon seems to be replacing this defective model with the new one.

Nikon D610

We’ve already talked about the release of the Nikon D610, merely one year later after the release of the D600, a camera that, according to Nikon Europe, had dirty sensors and oil stains. These issues have been corrected in the new model. Nikon is replacing the D600 for the D610.

Some of the unsatisfied buyers of the D600 have had their faulty cameras replaced by a D610. In France and the US, you only have to pay a small fee. This replacement was supposedly free but this is considered a “handling fee”.

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