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10 Quick Reasons to get more from Live View

1. You can switch to Live View when using manual focus to achieve a higher degree of accuracy.

For that help yourself with the expander to center the focus on a specific area.

2. You can activate the grid to avoid crooked horizons and scenes. Live View is also ideal to place graduated filters in an exact manner.

3. You can test the AF direct face detection mode in Live View when you take pictures of children. It will follow them so you don’t have to refocus.


4. Live View is very useful with still life because you’ll get a 100% view to visualize it better.

5. A big screen is also effective when shooting from a low level or above your head, because you can see the LCD panel a bit.

6. The ND filters are used to achieve slow shutter speeds even in broad daylight, but the strongest ones don’t allow you to see the subject in the viewfinder. Switch to Live View to visualize.

7. Try the white balance to give your images an original color. Using the Live View you can quickly see the available options.

8. The scenes with little light may not look through the viewfinder, but using the Live View you can bring clarity to the images.

9. If you want to check which part of the image is focused by the aperture you are using, you can press the depth field button next to the lens in canon mode while you are in Live View.

10. To eliminate vibrations caused by the mirror when getting it up when the picture is taken, you can use Live View, choose Silent Shoot 1, if your camera model has one, and use a remote trigger.


Using Live View causes temperature increases in the sensor. Because the main sensor is used consistently when enabling Live view, it can become very hot, and this may create images with more noise during extended use, especially at high ISO values. In extreme cases a warning icon will appear and the camera will disable Live View as a security measure, but should it come to that, it can generate lots of red or dead pixels.

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