• January 9, 2014

Sony NEX-3N vs NEX-5R Specs comparison, Which One is Worth To Buy?

Both the Sony NEX-3N and NEX-5R are great micro four-thirds cameras, but initially it might be difficult to tell which is the better camera for the price. Ultimately it depends on the buyer and the intended use of the camera, but there are a number of things to consider when comparing the two cameras, including price, features, and size. Each camera has distinct positive and negative aspects to consider, however, a number of features are the same.
Sony NEX-3NVSSony NEX-5R


As four-thirds cameras, the NEX-3N and NEX-5R are small and lightweight: according to Sony, they are the smallest and lightest of these types of phone on the market. They have a compact lens, which coupled with the phones size means both of the phones are easier to carry in a pocket. For those who do not want to have to carry and keep track of a camera and other paraphernalia in a bag, either one of these is ideal.


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those are not micro four thirds camera!