• May 16, 2017

P, S, A, M, Auto: what shooting mode to choose and 3 exercises to better understand why

Most reflex cameras (as well as hybrids) have 4 shooting modes represented by the letters P, S, A and M. What are these modes? What are they used for? How do you use them? Here are some tips that will hopefully give you a better understanding of how to use your camera.

P, S, A, M, Auto

Questions about shooting modes are among the most frequently asked by our novice readers. This is particularly true of those users who have grown accustomed to using compact or bridge cameras are who, as a result, are left completely in the dark when it comes to the apparent complexity of reflex cameras. Here is the essential information you should keep in mind regarding shooting modes.

The Auto mode is your friend (it really is!)

If you find yourself completely at a loss when confronted with your brand new reflex camera’s different shooting modes, fall back on the automatic mode!