• September 29, 2017

Best Instant Cameras and Films 2018

In the last few years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of instant photography (Polaroid, Instax or other devices that allow instant printing of photos). This type of camera has been around since the end of the 1940s, but the market is currently undergoing expansion and attracting a growing number of consumers – both professionals and people who have never owned a camera before. Young people are also interested in this return to film photography in its most basic expression.

We were able to test quite a few of the available options – both different types of cameras and films. Here is our instant photography buyer’s guide which we hope will help you make the best choice with respect to your needs and budget.

Why buy an instant camera?

instant camera

Having an instant camera allows you to quickly share your photos with someone as well as to keep a "tangible" memento of an experience. With instant photos, you could easily illustrate a personal travel log or quickly give someone a photograph you have taken of them, etc.