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A new Panasonic sensor welcomes a new GH4 model with 4K video

Although rumors have been talking about a new upcoming member of Panasonic’s GH series with 4K video recording for quite a while, the announcement of a new Four Thirds sensor with this ability has surprised everyone. This 16-megapixel CMOS will have a new integrated filtration system that promises to offer the lowest level of noise on the market. Panasonic, though, does not specify whether it refers to all sensors, regardless of size.

Although Panasonic did not specify which models will use this new sensor, its size, resolution and especially video capabilities are consistent with the rumors about the Lumix DMC-GH4.

Panasonic sensor

The new Panasonic CMOS MN34230PL is postulated as a candidate for the Lumix DMC- GH4, capable of recording 4K video .

The guys at 43 Rumors assure this camera will be released in the first half of the next year. This would be a Micro Four Thirds model very oriented to video recording and located above the Lumix DMC- GH3.

Also, rumors have talked about some kind of modular system with upgradeable components, a price of about 2800 Euros and interesting features such as time code, recording and data stream to up to 200 Mbps in All-i mode and, of course, 4K video recording.

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