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Adobe Lightroom 5 now on sale.

Not too long ago, Adobe released the beta version of Adobe Lightroom, and even though not much was said about its new features, many users were happy with it because it is a relatively light image editing program. Now, Adobe has finally released the final version of Adobe Ligthroom 5, which we can buy at full price of upgrade from version 4 with a little discount.

This new version is only compatible with Windows 7 and 8, support for XP and Vista is no longer included.

It costs 150 USD or 80 USD if you’re upgrading from Adobe Lightroom 4. You can buy it or download a trial version from the official Adobe Ligthroom site.

Something to note: Adobe Ligthroom 5 is still not available in some countries, if you access Ligthroom 5’s page from a country other than the United states (Mexico, in our case) you may be redirected to the Lightroom 4’s.

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