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Apple forgoes the development of Aperture and iPhoto

Recently, Apple announced the cancellation of the development of the Aperture and iPhoto software, two legendary OS X programs that will soon cease to exist. The reason for this decision? They will both be replaced by a single app called “Photos”, which will take the job for those who wish to have advanced functions for image management.

When apple presented its new OS X Yosemite version to the world, they mentioned something about some software called simply “Photos” to manage the photograph topic, however nobody was expecting that it would completely replace Aperture and iPhoto on the platform, which the company confirmed today.

The promise is that “Photos” will fulfill the same functions that Aperture and iPhoto, offering also a better integration with the iCloud storage service, in a centralized and more organized application. Also, Aperture users will be able to easily migrate their libraries to “Photos” when OS X Yosemite gets out in the market.

Due to this decision, many apple users have questioned Apple’s intentions to stay on the professional edition field, fearing that programs like Final Cut or Logic Pro cease to exist, like Aperture. However, the company assures that this won’t be so. Let’s hope so.

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