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Apple Watch: why a photograph amateur would like to have it

Although highly expected, the presentation of the Watch in today’s keynote of the mystic Cupertino Company has set long teeth on many users. Even though it is more a gadget or an accessory than a real photographic tool per se, it is true that it has some features that will delight many photographers and users of the brand, as it is conceived to work with an iPhone (starting from model 5).

The first of these features, and the most obvious one, is the possibility to navigate your gallery from your wrist. In the same way, you can zoom and navigate as you would do on your phone’s camera roll, sliding your finger through the touchscreen, or using the watch’s own crown, that in this case is digital.

However, the most practical features in my regard were only mentioned by Tim Cook throughout the keynote: you will be able to use your phone as a long distance camera visor, as well as use it as a shooter and control of the timer and other image’s aspects.

Apple Watch

Even if statistics are few, Apple has announced, next to the iWatch, the Watch Kit, the app development kit for third party apps, which will open the doors to developers so that they can imagine and create new uses for the device. The photographic applications could be infinite: from controlling your new camera by NFC to use it as a visor for many action cameras. Who knows what a developer’s brain prepares?

Only with time we will be able to tell if the striking iWatch will be really practical, as apps start to be developed and its possibilities start explanding.

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