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Best Camera under 1000 Dollars 2014

When you are passionate about photography, you just aren’t happy with the compact camera that you inherited from our parents or older siblings, or the first one that you purchased. It is time to choose a better model, but without going broke. So we’ll help you find the best cameras that you can buy for less than 1000 dollars.

As they always say, and it is completely true, the camera does not make us better photographers, but it helps us get better technical quality. And you can’t forget that the camera alone does not work. You need a good lens, and that should be a key factor included in the final cost of what you can afford.

In general, when you buy a Reflex or CSC camera, they come in a kit. It is the cheapest option, but it is never the best. The lens is usually low to mid-range and they’re usually unable to take full advantage of the sensor. If the budget is fair, it is always recommended to buy a cheap camera with an expensive lens. The end result will always be better.

Another issue would be that if you love photography and you know that it will be a lifelong hobby (or even your profession), the best you can do is buy the camera you really want, not just what you can. Why? Because you would spend a year or two thinking about your dreamed model or better, but you will scratch your pocket without having amortized the payments for the first … And so you will go like that until you reach your dream. That way you may have thrown your money. Of course, this is the subject for another article.

But let’s see which cameras under $1000 you can find on the market without cruising much around. Cameras can be as trousers. Until you try them you don’t know whether to take them. And the mirror test is definitive; when you see that it fits you, it’s when you decide to go to the checkout. With cameras is the same. When you hang them around your neck, take them to your eyes and find that it holds good in your hands is when you know that you can use it.

Here’s our list of the best cameras for less than 1000 USD:

Canon EOS 1200D (T5)

This is the gateway to the Canon SLR universe. It is good, nice and cheap, very cheap. We are talking about a $499 camera with classic 18-55mm lens. It has an APS-C sensor of 18 Mp, and as one would expect, it allows FullHD video recording.

Canon EOS 1200D

But it’s not professional; it doesn’t have exceptional performance with high ISOs, but simply by the size of its sensor it will always be better than the new high-end compacts that usually cost twice. And if you add a good lens you can have a long lasting companion.

Nikon D3200

This is not the time or place to say whether one brand or another is better. Within this price range they will be more or less the same. But this camera seems made by the gods, especially if you look at its price, of 490 dollars with 18-55mm AF-S DX VR NIKKOR Zoom

Nikon D3200

One of the best sources out there on the net to know the performance of all cameras in the market is DxOMark, and in this site it is located at #33, just above the EOS 5D Mark III, a camera model that it’s almost ten times more expensive. It is a powerful argument to look at it with tender eyes. It has a 24 Mp sensor of APS-C size.

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Pentax K5

In this case, with 833 dollars and with the 18-55mm Lens lens, this is quite a gamble. But this is just for how this brand has been forgotten. Almost no one speaks of it, and not for its lack of quality, of course. But perhaps you are facing one of the most solid cameras on the market. And the most complete model if you look at its price.

Pentax K5

This is a professional camera, no doubt, but it’s a brand with little market presence. It is small, nothing to do with the monsters of the competition. And it has an APS-C sensor of 16 Mp. It is true that the focus system is nothing to brag about, and that video quality falls short, but it is one of the most robust cameras that will pass through our hands. And picture quality is very high.

Panasonic GM1

In this list I’m not doing a ranking. It’s up to everyone to choose the one they like. This camera was tested on our site and you found it perfect. For the price of 747 dollars you will get one of the smallest cameras in the market with superlative quality. It looks like a compact, but it is not, and it has an interchangeable lens (12-32mm Silver Lens Kit).

Panasonic GM1

It has a Micro Four Thirds 16 Mp sensor with which you can shoot up to ISO 320 smoothly. Keep in mind that it has the same sensor as the Panasonic GX7, a professional camera model, but with a smaller and less expensive body. Though I’m sure you can find the GX7 within this price range.

Sony a6000

This camera is one of the latest on the Sony catalog. It replaces one of the previous models of the NEX series, which is no longer in production. You can find this model for 798 dollars with a 16-50 mm lens. And it definitely can boast on the world’s fastest autofocus.

Sony a6000

Its features are attractive; from an electronic viewfinder, to the possibility of shooting at 11 fps with a fast autofocus. The only fault that this camera has is the questionable quality of the kit lens, but its APS-C 24.3 Mp sensor is one of the best ever, which now rules with an iron hand over all models in the ranking.

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Fuji XE2

Of all the cameras that we recommend, this is the only one that goes over the $1000 threshold a bit. If you only buy the body you can get it at 799 dollars. 

Fuji XE2

Again it has a superlative APS-C sensor of 16 Mp. It is more complete than the XE1, another model that you can consider, but it is improved by 61 points, so doing the economic effort can be worth it.

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