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Best Digital Camera for College Students

It’s summer, and like every year, we’re ready to give you even the smallest news, details and rumors about the photography market.

Canon and their 75-megapixel camera; nothing like a big number to give everyone something to talk about. Although nothing else has been officially said about it, a few weeks ago some rumors talked about a prototype camera from Canon’s 1D series with a 75-megapixel lens. Is this an alternative for professional studios that need something more powerful than the EOS-1D X, or just a mere baseless rumor? Only time will tell.

Canon EOS-1D X

The unimpressive resolution of the EOS-1D X (pictured) has generated a lot of rumors about a model with a bigger resolution: a 75-megapixel camera.

Sony’s NEX full-frame camera. It’s one of those ideas everyone has had at least once, and Sony has decided to finally make it a reality. Rumors say Sony will announce their new full-frame NEX this fall. Based on what happened with the successful Cyber-shot DSC-RX1, we can say two things: this new NEX-9 will definitely not be cheap and will give us a lot to talk about.

Olympus’ solution: Another recurring topic is Olympus’ new camera -which everyone has been talking about for the last few years- designed for those who wanted a Four Thirds Bayonet. Will it be an SLR? We don’t think so, like we said more than three years ago. We think it’ll be an OM series Micro Four Thirds capable of focusing in conditions with the mythical Zuiko.

Nikon D400, again. In a year without Photokina and nothing much to see, seems we need to take another look at the classics. And among them, the successor of the Nikon D300s is a very important one, if not the most important. Some may prefer the D7100, but what’s true is that the D400 will be a high-end professional DX camera –or that’s the plan, at least-. Let’s give it the benefit of doubt.

Nikon D300

The successor of the Nikon D300s –assuming the D7100 hasn’t already taken that place- is one of the most recurring rumors among the followers of Nikon.

Sony Xperia Honami i1, the most “photographic” mobile phone: More than just a rumor, this is pretty much confirmed based on every leak across the internet about it. Sony’s Xperia Honami i1 will hit the market this September, and –if what we know up to now doesn’t change- it will feature a 20-megapixel 1/2.33-inch CMOS, making it one of the mobile phones with the most powerful cameras on the market. We still prefer the RX1, but it’s still too soon to decide between the two.

And what about Sony’s independent lenses? Sony seems to have a lot of stuff to talk about. Considered since a while ago a good idea that never left the draft phase, several rumors are talking about Sony’s new secret weapon: independent lenses, with their own integrated sensor and battery, which can be controller wirelessly from a phone. If this is true, this may revolutionize the mobile photography market.

A cheaper Fujifilm X: With the recent announcement of the X-M1, we’ve seen no end for the rumors. Even though this is the most affordable camera of the series (799$ with the standard zoom), there are already rumors about its successor, the X-A1, an even cheaper and simpler camera designed to be accessible for everybody. As of now, the arrival of the new XC series may mean this is possible, although Fujifilm X series may become a little saturated with all these products.

Fujifilm X

Is there room for a cheaper and smaller Fujifilm X than the recent X-M1? That’s what the rumors say.

And what about Pentax’s full-frame model? This is one of those recurring rumors that comes and goes again and again. Now that the rumors have settled down, it’s logical to say that –if they’re doing it- they’ll most likely opt for a reflex camera with APS-C sensor. It’s been almost one year since the K-5 II hit the market, and considering it wasn’t what everyone was expecting, this seems like most logical thing to do.

Canon EOS M: we need it. More than a rumor, this is Canon’s last chance to redeem their EOS M mirrorless system. Since the first model already got a price cut, it seems the second-generation EOS M model will soon be among us. The question now is if the company will release high-end camera or opt for an entry-level, simpler one. In any case, the focus system featured for the first time in the EOS 70D will most likely have a very important role.


The price cut of the EOS M and the EOS 70D’s new features may be the first signs of the imminent arrival of the new mirrorless cameras from Canon.

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