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The Best phablet comparison 2016: the best smartphones of 5.5 inches and more

Phablet have proven to be for years one of the most desirable smartphone types, as it has been the trend for some years that all smartphones have sizes close to a phablet.

People love this convergence between smartphone and tablet, mainly by the size of its screens, which are large and allow you to better enjoy multimedia content and social networking. Let’s get to know the best phablets of 2015.

Phablets, ideal for enjoying multimedia content

It all started just four years ago, in September 2011, when Samsung launched the first Galaxy Note, a smartphone, called a "phablet", which meant the audacity to use a 5-inch screen, 5.3 inches specifically.

Although it was a surprise and many emphasized the excessive size of the screen, the audience gave their verdict quickly: the Samsung Galaxy Note was a best seller. The competitors soon embarked in this segment, even Apple went along with the trend with its iPhone 6 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Phablets have a smartphone philosophy, but more focused on productivity and enjoying multimedia content on large screens: it combines the best of a smartphone and a tablet in a restrained, but very portable size (at least more than a tablet).


This year we have five clear competitors in the phablets market, since so far there are no novelties. The Nexus 6, iPhone 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, LG G4 and the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 fight to be the favorite 5.5 inch smartphone of users.

The screen, the main protagonist of a phablet

Huawei Ascend Mate 7

If phablets stand out for something specific, it’s for their screen. A phablet is a device which screen goes beyond the 5.5 inch size, and the ones that have smaller displays are considered, at least for today, as regular smartphones.

The most used technologies in this type of displays are IPS, on one hand, and Super AMOLED on the other, which are generally used by Samsung. Current resolutions are ranging from 1080 to 1440 pixels in size. Screen density is also an important factor, meaning the number of pixels per inch (dpi) that are concentrated in the display. In this chart you can see the differences between models (click on the image of the comparative table to see it in a bigger size):

Nexus 6 iPhone 6s Plus LG G4 Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Huawei Ascend Mate 7
Screen 5.96 Amoled 5.5 IPS 5.5 IPS 5.7 SuperAmoled 6 IPS
Resolution 1440P 1080P 1080P 1440P 1080P
Density 493 401 538 517 368

Phablets design

The size of the screen is essential. Clearly by exceeding 5.5 inches in size, will make the device look bigger and you will need to use both hands in most cases.

Still, weight and design are also an attraction for prospective buyers. Here is the list of dimensions and weights of all competitors of this year 2016:

  Nexus 6 iPhone 6s Plus LG G4 Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Huawei Ascend Mate 7
Weight (g) 184 192 155 153 185
Thickness (mm) 3.8 – 10.1 7.3 6.3 6.9 7.9
Height (mm) 159.2 158.2 148.9 154.4 157
Width (mm) 83 77.9 76.1 75.8 81

On phablets, beauty is on the inside

A phablet, in addition to its display and its design, also differs from its competitors for its internal capabilities.

Its processors, RAM memories, batteries, cameras, operating systems and even details such as the ability to insert microSD cards in them are the ultimate reasons that will make us opt for either model. In this chart you will see in detail each of its features (click on the image of the comparison chart to see it bigger):

  Nexus 6 iPhone 6s Plus LG G4 Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Huawei Ascend Mate 7
OS Android 5.1 iOS 9 Android 5.1 Android 5.1 Android 4.4
Processor 4 x 2.7 Ghz 2 x 2 Ghz 4 x 1.4 + 2 x 1.8Ghz 4 x 1.5 +4 x 2.1 Ghz 4 x 1.8 + 4 x 1.3 Ghz
Ram 3 GB 2 gb 3 GB 4 GB 2/3 GB
Storage 32/64 GB 16/64/128 GB 32 GB 32 GB 16/32 GB
Expansion (MicroSD) No No Yes No No
Camera 13 MP/2.1 MP 12MP / 5MP 16 MP /  8 MP 16 MP /  5 MP 13 MP/5 5P
Optical stabilization Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Battery 3220 2915 3000 3000 4100

Find the ideal phablet

If you know which phablet is the best for you, and you are determined to take that step and buy one, in El Corte Ingles you will find the best brands and models to enjoy your new phone sooner than you think.

iPhone 6S Plus

iPhone 6S Plus

The newest Apple model in its phablets range is the iPhone 6S Plus. Similar in size and features to the iPhone 6, it introduces the use of the 3D Touch technology, an evolution of the already seen in the Apple Watch, which allows you to perform different functions, depending on the level of pressure with which you touch the screen. You can give a fast touch, one with normal pressure or put more pressure on the screen, and find different responses in different applications. It comes with Apple A9 processor, with 64-bit 2 GHz dual-core and a 12 MP iSight camera.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ is a 5.7-inch screen size phablet and it comes with Exynos 7420 8-core processor, which also includes no less than 4 GB of RAM. Its main camera has 16 MP and it has the peculiarity that the battery charges pretty quickly.



LG’s new flagship model, the LG G4, is a phablet with a 5.5-inch IPS screen. Far from being just another screen, the curved screen of the LG G4 surprised everyone by incorporating Quantum Dot technology. It also includes a 16 MP camera and a leather-made design.

Nexus 6

Nexus 6

Google and Motorola have joined forces to launch this large phone with premium features, ideal for geek parents who need to put their lenses to see, and want to use their smartphone to do everything they imagine: read news, watch videos and movies, take photos or videos, play games, etc. The Nexus 6 incorporates the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, a 4G connection, a 13 MP camera, a 5.96 inches screen and the latest version of Android OS, Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Huawei Ascend Mate 7

Huawei Ascend Mate 7

Huawei Ascend Mate 7 uses a screen of no less than 6 inches in size. Ideal for gaming and videos, it also comes with a 13 MP resolution camera, and a battery of 4100 mAh of capacity.

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