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Canon EF 100-400 mm, the new L series zoom lens

Canon EF 100-400 mm

Cannon features a wide range of high end lens for their most advanced cameras, although their mounting is the same as the amateur’s models. L Series is the top ends lens of the japanese brand and has just welcome a new zoom, but rather it’s an update of an existent model. The new Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM is an update of the zoom lens that we already knew, but with some novelties that focus on improving the image quality. Is a professional lens intended to specific situations, as sports or nature photography, two areas where we are compelled to shot from quite long distances. The design has been maximum compacted to ease its portability an also there has been introduced improvements focused on a more fluent handling. We tell the details of this new Canon L Series zoom lens.

Canon EF 100-400 mm

As mentioned, the new Canon lens offers the solution for sports and nature photography, as it allows to frame very remote details and always respects a fine image quality. Just as the previous model, its focal distance ranges from 100 to 400 millimeters, more than enough to close up to the action without problem. Its opening is variable and ranges f/4.5 in the widest (100 mm) to f/5.6 on the shortest (400 mm). One of the most important improvements in this model is in the stabilizer, which comes integrated in the lens. It is a four axis stabilizer that reduces movement, especially in longest focals, so the image appears the clearest even if light is not quite appropriate. There are three stabilizer modes available according to each moment needs. In terms of focus, integrates a ring type ultrasonic engine that achieves a fast automatic focus and very silent.

This lens is composed by 21 elements, including fluorite lens, combined with Super Ultra Low Dispersion lens. It has been used an antireflection coating that covers the lens with encapsulated air nano particles, so that a very low refraction is achieved to eliminate reflections. The front and rear lens are exposed, so they have been covered with a fluor coating, which prevents dirt adhesion on the surface. The design is resistant, both strokes as water or dust entry. It is not submersible, but nothing will happen if rain catches us working. Canon has included an adjustable rotation zoom, allowing us to choose rotation resistance or even block it so that it doesn’t move if it’s accidentally touched. Includes a tripod bracket that can be disassemble to occupy less space in the case. Finally we note that Canon has devised a new parasol that enables to rotate the filters without taking it each time.

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