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Canon EF-M 55-200 mm, new lens for EOS M

Canon has expanded the range of lenses available for the Canon EOS M, a compact mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses. The new lens is a telephoto lens with a focal length of 55-200 mm and mount EF-M. It is a mid-range lens with a variable aperture f/4.5-6.3. It is the fourth member of this range of existing lenses for EOS M, which is formed by 18-55, an 11-22 and 22 mm fixed lens. The new EF-M 55-200 fills the void left in the series, which until now we could not find any telephoto lens. Such lenses allow us to get closer to distant subjects and capture details that we cannot get close to.

Canon EF-M 55-200 mm

The new Canon 55-200 mm EF-M lens offers a wide focal range making it a very versatile lens and every photographer should have one in their backpack. We can get broader pictures by framing scenes to their widest focal planes, but also get very interesting details. If you moved it to the 35 mm system, the focal length would be equivalent to 82-320 mm. As usual like most zoom lenses the aperture of this lens is variable. When we are 55mm the aperture will be f/4.5, but when using zoom the brightness decreases until it is f/6.3 aperture. The lens consists of 17 items grouped into eleven groups and is an ultra- low dispersion lens, to maintain a high quality in all its focal range. It also has a stepping motor (STM) which provides a very smooth and silent focus. Specially designed for video recording, as the image does not suffer abrupt transitions, nor is the engine sound heard. Because it could not be otherwise it integrates an optical stabilizer minimizing natural hand tremors obtaining videos with sharper and softer images. The Canon 55-200 mm EF-M has a lightweight metallic exterior finish and weighs 260 grams so transportation is not a problem. The lens has a manual focus ring with quick adjustments, the diaphragm has seven leaves and its diameter is 52 mm. The lens can focus at a distance of a meter, which is sufficient to obtain good quality details on a photo.

As previously mentioned, the Canon EOS M is compact mirrorless camera from a Japanese company. With four ranges covering a wide focal range starting at eleven millimeters until it reaches 200 millimeters thanks to the latest model. These types of cameras are very easy to carry and offer a quality level halfway between a compact and an SLR.

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