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Canon EF over 90 million

Despite the economic crisis, the production of objectives for the digital slr continues to grind record; the last is the one announced by Canon: the number of Canon EF products since 1987 – when the series was introduced together with the reflex system – EOS has exceeded quota 90 million.


From the beginning of production, more than 25 years ago, in the establishment of Utsunomiya many records have been overcome to meet the increasing demand (in 2011 they spent only nine months to go from 60 to 70 million units produced) Canon has allocated the production between the plants located in Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan.

The technical evolution of the Canon EF has seen the introduction of firsts, such as the ultrasonic Motor (USM)1, the technology of image stabilization (IS), the diffractive optical element multilayer (DO) and the anti-glare technology Sub wavelength Structure Coating (SWC).

The latest news, announced in May of this year, and the model Canon EF 200-400mm f/ 4L IS USM Extender by 1.4x , super telephoto zoom with 1.4 multiplier x incorporated that offers a range of focal length very wide: from 200 to 560 mm. The list price exceeds 13 thousand euro.

The kit Canon EF/EF-S comprises today 80 models, including the nine series Canon EF Cinema dedicated to the world of cinema and television production.

The steps that led to the record of 90 million EF lenses:
• 1995: More than 10 million units produced
• 2001: More than 20 million units produced
• 2006: 30 million units produced
• 2008: 40 million units produced: target achieved in April
• 2009: 50 million units produced
• 2011: 60 million units produced: target achieved in January,
• 2011: 70 million units produced: target achieved in October,
• 2012: 80 million units produced: target achieved in August

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