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Canon EOS M3, an advanced mirror-less for the most demanding ones

The Canon EOS M3 has been presented as an objective exchangeable mirror less camera which allows to have all the characteristics of a DSLR in a much smaller device.

The Canon EOS M3 camera aims to join all the advantages of the reflex cameras in a smaller device. This way, the high end mirror less camera will stand as a good option if we don’t want to go without a good quality but we are also looking for a transportable gadget.

As a consequence, a lot of the shown characteristics on the recently announced 750D and 760D are present in this device, such as the 24.2 megapiel sensor, the DIGIC6 processor, or even the ISO. So it stands camera which is the portable version of the DSLR’s who belong to the EOS series.


The Canon EOS M3 is a mirror less camera with exchangeable objectives which uses the EF-M type of mount, which was specially designed to be used on the mirror less devices from the Japanese firm, although it is also compatible with the others with the proper adaptor.

Despite what happens with cameras such as the FujiX30 or the Panasonic Lx100, Canon has decided to leave out the electronic visor, only being able to have it as an optional accessory.

It’s expected to be available next April for a price of 769 Euros, including a 18-55mm objective

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