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Canon launches a new fixed focal lens for portraits

Portrait photography fans are in luck with the launch of the new Canon lens. The brand has introduced its EF 50 mm f / 1.8 STM lens, which is ready to take portrait pictures and get beautiful background without blur. The focus distance is only 0.35 mm.


This new fixed focal lens can capture subjects, in a way that it seems to arise from the scene, getting good results, even in low light. In addition, it is ideal to give an artistic touch to images, both photo and video, thanks to the maximum aperture of f / 1.8 that facilitates depth field control and its focal length is 50 mm.


From a technical viewpoint, the Canon lens is characterized by the coating of Canon’s Super Spectra lens, as well as its 7 sheets opening and STM technology to achieve a soft focus and so that the noise is reduced.

The photographs are crisp and with a good contrast, apart from favoring, when used with a digital SLR with APS-C sensor, a good grasp of the composition of the scene to make excellent close-ups. However, it can also be used with digital DSLR cameras with full format, allowing you to take very candid shots.


The lens in this section differs from other models by having a compact, lightweight design, and it’s also very easy to carry around, thanks to its weight of only 160 grams. Thus, it is very convenient to carry it in the bag with the camera equipment because it doesn’t take much space.

We also highlight its external design, which is easy to use for both amateur photographers and those who are experts. The metal frame favors a more robust connection to the camera body, as well as the manual focus ring that gives greater freedom to control the focus area precisely.

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