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Canon launches the first AF lens with a built-in Macro Lite flash

Canon has introduced a new lens, which is characterized by being the first AF lens in the world with built-in Macro Lite flash, allowing the photographer to enjoy unprecedented macro capabilities. It’s called the Canon EF-M 28 mm f/3.5 Macro IS STM .

AF lens


This lens presents a large increase in zoom capacity, since this lens captures images at actual size and incorporates the Super Macro mode with an increase of 1, 2 x. Apart from that, it makes possible to focus a subject with a distance of only 13 mm apart. This way, it is possible to focus pretty much everything from a plate of food to the details of a flower in spring, or capture more complex details.

In addition, the Macro Lite flash enables to zoom in on the target as much as the photographer requires, but without compromising any light, which opens up more possibilities to take photos of small objects that you want to capture up close. Even jewelry can be captured without any brightness problems or other items with a complex textures, as well as close-ups of people.

AF lens

Another advantage is that the flash is controlled by a switch, which facilitates a better handling of the intensity of the light as well as the direction in one or both sides of the Macro Lite flash. This way, it is easier to create lighting of great impact, in which the shadows caused by the camera and lens are reduced thanks to its design.

The camera brings flexibility to shoot in handheld mode and without any shaking, thanks to Canon’s optical image stabilization technology, which in turn provides sharp and noiseless images. This also corrects the effects of angular movement of the camera.


The lens is compact and lightweight. In fact, it only comes in at 130 grams, which makes it the lightest macro lens in the world for mirrorless systems or compact cameras.

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