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Canon Rebel T4i vs T5i Comparison

In April, Canon has recently released two new cameras. One of them is miniature Rebel SL1( EOS 100D), and the other – Rebel T5i (EOS 700D), which replaced T4i (650D) The first camera is pretty self-explanatory, being the smallest one of its type. T5i, however, poses some questions. For example, how exactly does it differ from its predecessor? This seemed to puzzle not just us, but Canon representatives as well when they tried to persuade us that EOS T5i is the better, improved version of T4I. They told us about the new option of previewing creative filters in Live View mode, and mentioned that the new camera is lighter than its forerunner. In addition, EOS T5i has a mode dial that turns 360 degrees.


What’s new of Canon EOS Rebel T5i?

1), The Design:

Let’s have a closer look at these improvements. The appearance of the new camera doesn’t differ much from EOS T4I. All Canon cameras are made in a similar fashion, so it is easy to recognize the signature style of the company’s engineers.

Canon Rebel T5iEOS T5i has a standard lens mount, and both EF-S and Full-Length EF lens can be used with it. To take the lens off, there is a button located next to the lens mount.

t4i vs t5i

The top panel of Canon EOS T4I and Canon EOS T5i

t5i model dial T5i Prot card

Camera switch is combined with the video activation and is located in the upper panel next to the mode dial, which, unlike in other cameras, turns 360 degrees. Mode dial has standard options – Auto, P, Tv, Av, M, as well as some creative ones, such as Portrait, Landscape, or Moving Objects. The icons text is now larger, and those icons which didn’t fit in are now located in SCN.

 wheel mode selection

Canon EOS Rebel T5i- wheel mode selection

Upper part of Rebel T5i doesn’t have an information display with current shooting parameters – Canon implements that option only in more expensive cameras. Instead, EOS T5i has ISO button and the mode dial.

Canon Rebel T5i- back panel
Canon Rebel T5i- back panel

The back panel looks familiar. Four-position joystick is still there, and under it we find buttons for viewing and deleting. Settings buttons are located above the joystick. Three-inch screen is also located in the back. The upper part of the camera contains Menu, Info, and Zoom. Camera’s viewfinder is in the middle, grasping 95% of the shot.

canon t5i right side

canon t5i left side

Memory card slot is located on the right, hidden under the plastic top. Left side of the camera has connectors for an external microphone, a remote control (popularly referred to as "cable lock"), micro HDMI, and USB.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i with Lens

Canon EOS T5i – with a complete lens EF-s 18-55 mm ƒ/3.5-5.6

Rebel T5i is the same size as its predecessor Rebel T4i. It fits perfectly in your hand and doesn’t weigh much. Due to the skin-like cover of the camera surface, it won’t slip out of hands.

canon t5i design

  Canon Rebel T4i Canon Rebel T5i
Dimensions (without lens) 133x100x79 mm 133x100x79 mm
Weight (without lens and battery) 575 g 580 g

Rebel T5i is assembled perfectly. There are no noises when you put physical pressure on it. Still, it should be treated gently because it is made mostly of plastic.

2) The Performance of T5i:

This model is another one in a series of amateur cameras. Canon T4i was a serious improvement of this line due to its hybrid autofocus system (the sensor combines contrast and phase) and its touch screen. This allowed performing an immediate zone focus in Live View mode during video recording, which made T4I a favorite of many amateur cameramen and clip makers.

The new camera has all the features of T4I, but it doesn’t have many new unique features. It has an 18 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and processor DIGIC 5 with the maximum speed of 5 shots per second. Canon T5i can work in poor lighting conditions due to its wide specter of light sensitivity ISO 100-12800 (and up to ISO 25600). It’s impossible to completely avoid the noise, but the photograph made with high ISO is still good for printing.

Autofocus sensor has 9 cross-like points, which allows acquiring the best possible sharpness in automatic mode for the whole shot. Phase monitors allow continuous focus in Live View mode or during video.

The other new model – Canon Rebel SL1 – also has a built-in new system of hybrid second-generation autofocus with wider shot coverage of about 80%, but the speed and effectiveness of Live Focus in this camera doesn’t exceed those in T5i.

Sensor control system of T5i has also been improved, and it is now easier to use it. The touch screen is so sensitive that it reacts even to very light touches, and is perfect for magnifying shots during photo viewing. It is very easy to use camera’s photo settings – exposure, diaphragm, light sensitivity, etc., especially in Live View mode where pressing on the icon shows a scale with the cursor.

Also, this camera has a better point focus where the point is set by touching a part of the image shown on the screen in Live View mode. There are many other options which help choosing settings faster and easier. However, the main mode of navigation is still manual, and it didn’t go through any significant changes.

Canon EOS T5i has several semiautomatic modes for the beginner users. They are all very easy to use without any prior knowledge. There are also some very interesting creative filters that allow experimenting with the image right after the photo is taken, substituting the simplest processes of computer photo editors. Users who don’t have expensive Tilt-shift–lens can try mocking its effect by using a creative filter in the camera. There is also a “fish eye” editing option. Photos can be saved twice – as originals and edited versions.

The New Lens:

It’s important to note that beside making the new camera, Canon also renovated its standard lens, and now there’s a third version of it, named Canon EF-S 18-55mm ƒ/3.5-5.6 IS STM. Its distinguished feature is the focus motor, which is faster than USM, takes less space in the lens body, and doesn’t create any extra vibrations and noises. This lens works perfectly with the new method of hybrid focus, making it possible to have a very fast autofocus during video recording without noise. This is why Canon EOS T5i is sold specifically with EF-S 18-55 mm ƒ/3.5-5.6 IS STM.

The difference between T4i vs T5i?

The Canon T4I is a huge upgrade of the 600D model. In addition, it was the original camera to have a touch screen, which is a feature that everyone loved when it was first introduced to the public. Amazingly, it has continued to be a favorite, even in this day and time.

The Canon T4I was introduced no more than ten months ago, so the T5i should be considered more of an upgrade as opposed to a big overhaul. As can be expected, these two models have a lot of things in common.

T4i vs T5i Specs Comparison: (It’s difficult to find some difference from the specs comparison.)

  Canon EOS Rebel T4i Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Image processor Digic 5 Digic 5
Sensor effective 18MP hybrid CMOS 18MP hybrid CMOS
Max resolution 5184 x 3456 5184 x 3456
Image ratio w:h 1:1, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9 1:1, 4:3, 3:2, 16:9
Sensor size APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm) APS-C (22.3 x 14.9 mm)
Sensitivity range ISO 100 – ISO 12,800/ 25,600 (exp) ISO 100 – ISO 12800/ 25600 (exp)
Burst shooting

6 raw/22 JPEG

6 raw/22 JPEG

Uncompressed format RAW RAW
  • Contrast Detect (sensor)
  • Phase Detect
  • Multi-area
  • Selective single-point
  • Single
  • Continuous
  • Face Detection
  • Live View
  • Contrast Detect (sensor)
  • Phase Detect
  • Multi-area
  • Selective single-point
  • Single
  • Continuous
  • Face Detection
  • Live View
  • Burst shooting

    6 raw/22 JPEG

    6 raw/22 JPEG

    Viewfinder (mag/ effective mag)

    95% coverage
    0.85x/ 0.53x

    95% coverage
    0.85x/ 0.53x

    Autofocus 9-pt AF all cross-type; center cross to f2.8 9-pt AF all cross-type; center cross to f2.8
    Focal-length multiplier 1.6x 1.6x

    3 inches articulated, touch screen
    1.04 MP

    3 inches articulated touch screen
    1.04 MP

    Viewfinder (mag/ effective mag)

    95% coverage
    0.85x/ 0.53x

    95% coverage
    0.85x/ 0.53x

    AF sensitivity -0.5 to 18 EV -0.5 to 18 EV
    Shutter Speed 1/4,000 to 30 secs; bulb; 1/200 x-sync 1/4,000 to 30 secs; bulb; 1/200 x-sync
    Metering 63-zone iFCL 63-zone iFCL
    Video H.264 QuickTime MOV 1080/30p/ 25p/24p; 720/60p/ 50p H.264 QuickTime
    MOV 1080/30p/ 25p/24p; 720/60p/ 50p
    Audio Stereo; mic input Stereo; mic input
    Battery life (CIPA rating) 440 shots 550 shots
    Read Real Reviews On Amazon

    Reviews on Amazon

    Reviews on Amazon

    But, please note, that Canon made a few changes, which improved the basic feel.

    First, the camera has basically undergone a few little changes. Even though the LCD is on both the T5i and T4I, it has been changed to include a structure coating. This creates a huge screen that will not break as much. With this new change, it can support things more than the general 3:2. It also supports the 1:1, 16:9 and the 4:3.

    Secondly, the live view on the Canon T5i has been given an upgrade. Unlike the Canon T4I’s 30 fps, the Canon T5i has a 60 fps. This makes the images look better on the screen. It is now possible to preview your live views because of various creative filters. Although it probably is not considered a big thing, the camera mirror can stay up when you switch between the scene modes. This makes it possible for you to switch modes much faster and quieter.

    Third, the outside of the camera now looks more expensive. It looks a lot like the Canon 60D. The camera has a solid build and feel, which means that it can handle being dropped a time or two. The mode dial looks more professional and will turn 360 degrees. It also has the icons printed in the plastic instead of being printed elsewhere.

    When it comes to software, the Canon t5i is made with digital zoom. You cannot get this with the Canon t4i, even though this feature was available with older versions. The camera also is available with a scene setting, which is a shorter way for you to change to various modes such as night mode or HDR mode.

    Fourth, the standard kit lens has been given a huge enhancement. It has the same type of focal length and aperture that the Canon T4I kit lens has. In addition, it has a STM motor, which has a smooth focus. Just like with older models, it is short in its middle zoom range. These are things that make it seems sturdier and more professional than with the T4I.

    When you compare this to the t4is EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II, the model with the STM is long and can handle the inside focus. It also has a good manual focus ring that can do group focus electronically. Just as with the older version, it can extend to the zoom from 18mm or 55mm.

    Real Review is important:

    Besides the specs difference, the real reivews from users is very improtant for us to choose a camera! I suggest you read the Real reviews about the t4i or t5i on Amazon:

    Real Reivews on Amazon: Canon Rebel T4i | Canon Rebel T5i

    You can buy these two cameras on amazon at a cheap price.

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    1. I got a t5i and I have notice that in some shots of groups I get 80% of people sharp but the rest dont (blurr) what should I do?

    2. It is difficult to find a hoot of a difference between the t4i and t5i, save for the improvement in video performance. And, the auto-focus motor is makes a lot of noise in the video. As long as you don’t shoot much video either camera is a good choice.

      • This is not accurate as focusing is in the lens and if you use the new lenses ment for the T5i (USM) you will not hear the focusing at all. If you are using an older lens you will hear it especially a lower line lens as you have decent stereo mic.

    3. Got the T5i and it’s a great camera. Fast, solid, makes great pictures. Battery life is great.

    4. ERROR: As others have said here, the T4i DID COME with the STM lens. I know because I got it. So don’t think the T5i is a must for that lens. The STM does make a heck of a difference in video, which is why I upgraded from T2i to T4i; the STM lens “talks” to the video autofocus in the T4i (and T5i). For non-video, T2i or T3i is fine. Really no need to pay full $ for the new models if the old do what you need….take advantage of “old” model prices, and put savings into more lenses, which make more difference than the camera.

      From what I’ve read outside this page, T5i IS heavier. Only improvement I like is that 360 dial, but a few hundred $ is a lot to pay for that.

      Happy with T4i/STM lens.

    5. The T4i is having problems getting stuck in LiveView. I just found this out and tried to find some answers on line. Apparently there aren’t any, so they don’t make t4i anymore. Go for the t5i.

    6. I am in yearbook for school so I want to get my own camera for it because I have done it for two years. In yearbook I take a lot of pictures outside in the evening and when it gets dark for sporting events. Which one would you recommended the T5i or T4i?

    7. Both T5i and T4i don’t have digital zoom.

    8. I got the T4i with the 18-135mm IS STM lens kit and love it!!

    9. no dif except rubbe grip which was fixed for free

    10. I wonder if this blog post was based on actually having a T5i or just form reading on the web.

      Although this says the T5i is reportedly lighter, most specs show it as weighing the same or sightly more. Not sure the autofocus is any different from the T4i. This also says that the T5i sees the return of digital zoom, which many expected. But, neither Canon’s information on their website, nor the manual mentions it. Multiple owner reviews also say it’s not there. Sounds like Canaon changed its mind and left it off at the last minute.

      Bottom line, although it’s no doubt a fine camera, for all intents and purposes it’s just a rebadged T4i

      • The T5i does have zoom but only in video mode. The 18-55mm STM lens for the T5i is new to this model and does improve the autofocus speed and is very quite.

    11. You can certainly find a T4i with a 18-135 STM lens for a good price. I bought my T4i with the 18-135 STM, 40 pancake STM and 55-250 EF-S lenses all for $962 at B&H Photo in December 2012.

      If you want to do video then go with the T5i for the latest dual autofocus system.

      • Whoa whoa whoa, the T5i has the same focus system as the T4i. Same camera when it comes to what gets stuck on the memory card. The T5i slightly improves user experience on what is already a solid camera.

    12. That is a good tip especially to those new to the
      blogosphere. Simple but very accurate information… Many
      thanks for sharing this one. A must read article!

    13. Admin made the comment that if you really want the STM lens then get the t5i…. But the STM lens was originally made for the t4i. SO… That statement made no sense.

    14. Sounds like the t5i would be the way to go if you didn’t already have a t4i already. I am not intensely interested in video and the new STM lens seems to be a bonus in focusing for video. What about still shots, is the t4i with USM better with faster focus?

      • The focus speed on theses cameras are the same… in fact these cameras are 99% identical. If you don’t have a t4i and you really want the STM lens then get the t5i, Otherwise save your money and get the t4i.

      • The 18-55mm STM kit lens that comes with the T5i does focus faster than a USM lens on a T4i. The chief benefit to the T5i is the new 18-55mm STM kit lens, with an advanced stepping motor that significantly improves autofocus speed. This lens was not available on the T4i in kit form, the STM kit lens that came on the later date T4i had a different motor in it.

    15. Thank you very much for this review. Others made it sound like there was absolutely no difference between the two.

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