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Canon sees mirrorless cameras as the future of photography

According to an interview by DPPReview of Masaya Maeda, Managing Director of Canon Products, the Japanese company is implementing a plan to develop the Canon M system, but it also came to light that it is dedicating more time and money to developing its reflex line for the mirrorless cameras expected to be a step forward for Canon.

No, for now Canon hasn’t yet made cameras that can see the future. The Japanese firm simply sees its future very clearly according to the DPPReview interview, in which Masaya Maeda, Managing Director of Canon Products, affirms that the Canon M system is the future of professional Canon products and that the firm has invested considerable effort in developing its mirrorless products. But what we’re asking ourselves is: "Where are those advances?"


The mirrorless camera is a product halfway between the current reflex cameras and a camera with a smaller body but a similar quality. As clear examples we have the Sony A7, A7R, and A7S, which incorporate full-frame sensors into a compact body, positioning themselves favorably in the Dx0 Mark, these three models achieving more than 85 points, with the A7R as the third best camera on the market with 95 points. Canon, on the other hand, is at a modest 65 points with its Canon M2, which features an 18-megapixel APS-C sensor, without daring to make a mirrorless, Full-Frame model to see how far its potential can go, at least for the moment until we can see these new sensors rumored to be developed.

In the interview Maeda says, among other things, that Canon’s M system is being taken very seriously and that they’re dedicating a lot of time and money to the development of this class of products, something we consumers aren’t seeing given that in a little over two years we’ve seen two models that had no significant improvements or notable new features through which we could anticipate the brand’s new mirrorless cameras arriving at professional quotas. The current system M cameras don’t have any features that stand out and are far behind the competition in its price range.

Only time will tell if Canon reaches great heights with its mirrorless sytem, because with the popular and traditional reflex line that it has, I wouldn’t bet that Canon wants to develop a professional line of mirrorless cameras like Sony’s AX line, which is a few steps ahead of the competition in this field.

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