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Camera Buying Guide

Best Bridge Camera recommendation 2017

Some cameras with a SLR appearance are, maybe improperly, classified in this way, even if in some cases they have a slightly smaller size, and use some non-interchangeable zoom lenses. They also offer an electronic viewfinder and the opportunity to work in Shutter or aperture priority mode or manual mode, …

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Canon EOS M5: Like a SLR, without being SLR

You don’t need much imagination to assume today’s not a great day in the offices of Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm or Olympus. “What we feared finally happened”, they must say while drinking the third cup of coffee of the morning. And it’s only 9:00. That dramatization may be a little excessive, …

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Review: Olympus Stylus SH-1

In principle, comparing a $199 camera with a toy is something that doesn’t sound too good, but it turns out that this is the perfect comparison to define such a creative compact and easy to handle camera, such as the Olympus Stylus SH1. Small and with a very attractive design, …

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Best Camera under 1000 Dollars 2014

When you are passionate about photography, you just aren’t happy with the compact camera that you inherited from our parents or older siblings, or the first one that you purchased. It is time to choose a better model, but without going broke. So we’ll help you find the best cameras …

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