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Camera Buying Guide

Best Digital Camera for College Students

It’s summer, and like every year, we’re ready to give you even the smallest news, details and rumors about the photography market. Canon and their 75-megapixel camera; nothing like a big number to give everyone something to talk about. Although nothing else has been officially said about it, a few …

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Magnification of DSLR Viewfinders

From some discussion on photographic forum I noticed that for some is not very clear what is the concept of magnification of a reflex viewfinder I write percia this short article to clarify it better An optical system, a telescope, binoculars, camera, and always consists of an objective and a …

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How to choose a Best DSLR Camera for Beginners?

In the marketplace of entry-level DSLRs there has always been a great deal of competition among manufactures and this still continues. This of course is really good for those of us with limited income. In an effort to gain your business, manufacturers are constantly improving their products. They add new …

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