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Superstitions about SLR Lenses

As we evolve in this little world of Reflex photography, the way in which we conceive objectives and lenses is constantly changing. Along our journey, many times, we adopt many wrong, erroneous and baseless ideas related with the objectives. Here, there are some of them. Please, make sure you don’t …

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How to take group photos?

Perhaps it may seem trivial to do a tutorial on how to do group shots, but think about it, doing a good portrait is already hard enough and doing a group photo multiplies the difficulty by the number of people who appear in the photo. You have to avoid common …

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10 Quick Reasons to get more from Live View

1. You can switch to Live View when using manual focus to achieve a higher degree of accuracy. For that help yourself with the expander to center the focus on a specific area. 2. You can activate the grid to avoid crooked horizons and scenes. Live View is also ideal …

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How to Shoot In The Dark Without Using A Flash?

Darkness is a very tempting setting when talking about photography. Whether you are practicing night portrait or night scenes in general, the situation becomes complicated when you don’t understand very well the capacity of your camera. And it gets even worse when you don’t have a flash in hand, or …

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Types and Characteristics of Camera Sensors

Terminology can be scary some times. So much technicality can repel us, right? But of the missions of this blog, if not the main one, is to spread photographic knowledge and to democratize photography among all of our readers. A topic that is often put off due to its apparent …

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