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Is Panasonic developing a full frame hybrid camera?

While it is only speculation at the moment, there are rumors concerning the arrival of a full frame Panasonic hybrid camera. This could potentially be an important development given that Panasonic is one of the creators and owners of the Micro 4/3 system (along with Olympus and Kodak), which it …

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New Nikon Z series: finally, a system camera for professionals

The new Nikon Z series has a signal effect. The camera giant is finally taking mirrorless cameras seriously and is entering a duel with Sony. But when will a full-frame camera come to the mass market? The name Nikon stands for, among other things, high-quality lenses and strong SLR cameras. …

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NordVPN Review: we tested this Panama-based VPN

NordVPN is easy to configure and to use. Affordable, it allows its users to access over 3 600 VPN servers around the world. While this VPN provider is also discrete, we asked ourselves whether we would recommend it to our readers based on its performance. Here is what we decided… …

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Vernee puts Xiaomi in check with their new Vernee MIX 2

The Chinese manufacturer Vernee hasn’t stopped with their new releases. The Mars Pro, the M5, and now the new MIX 2, a terminal with a virtually borderless screen that aims to compete with the Xiaomi MIX 2, both by features and by name. We tell you as little as we …

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