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Pentax K-3, a water-resistant DSLR camera

Pentax’s new reflex camera features a 24-megapixel PS-C sensor and a water and dirt-resistant body. More devices each day are water-resistant nowadays, what started like a simple nice extra is now becoming sort of a standard. It’s very nice to see a water-resistant DSLR camera, since no one wants to …

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Sony NEX-5T, specs and price

The Japanese company has announced the Sony NEX-5T, a mirror less camera with amazing specs and better connectivity than its predecessors. It will hit the market on September and the most basic kit will cost around 698 Dollars, which included the stabilized lens SELP1650 (16-50 mm.) The Sony NEX-5T is …

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GoPro introduces the new HERO3+ series

New improvements in the Black and Silver Edition, available for 299 and 399 dollars. Less than a year after the GoPro HERO3 hit the market, the well-known company has now announced the HERO3+ series. Despite having no truly innovative or new features, it’s packed with a lot of interesting features, …

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The Sony QX, a lens for mobile devices, is here

Each time a high-end Smartphone hits the market, the cameras of these devices get a little bit better: better resolutions, bigger pixels like the HTC One, better luminosity and much more. All of this means the lens of mobile devices will someday rival those of cameras. Sony has always been …

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The new OM-D E-M1, an important milestone for Olympus

The long-awaited OM-D series flagship from Olympus is here, a very balanced and complete camera designed with the users of the E-System in mind. The new OM-D E-M1 combines the small size of a Micro Four Thirds model with the quality of an SLR camera, making it very versatile and …

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