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CES 2014: Canon PowerShot N100, capable of telling your stories

No more group pictures where you’re missing: the new Canon PowerShot N100 has a small sub-camera so you can include yourself as if you’re taking a selfie.

During the CES 2014 earlier this week, Canon announced the newest PowerShot camera. The new PowerShot N100 is one of the first compact cameras oriented for amateur users capable of taking pictures in two different ways: with the classic frontal lens or with a second one with above the screen, facing the user.

Canon PowerShot N100

Canon PowerShot N100

This system known as Dual Capture is capable of easily taking “selfies”. The additional camera is known as “Story camera”. Curiously, the exact way this new feature works is still unknown. We don’t know if it has a dedicated sensor, if it directs the light to the main sensor or if it’s just magic, so we’ll have to wait until more information comes our way,

The PowerShot N100 features a 12-megapixel sensor —the same the PowerShot S120 features— with a 1/1.7-inch size. The lens offers a 5x zoom, equivalent to 24-120mm in 35mm, and features constant optical stabilization, which makes it capable of taking pictures and recording video flawlessly.

Canon PowerShot N100

It features a 3-inch articulating screen with a 922000-pixel resolution. The screen is articulated in such a way that it shows both cameras and allows them to shoot in the same direction, something that will surely prove useful for many users.

Since it’s been designed with beginners in mind, it offers very simple post-processing options, and one of them is Story Highlights. This mode creates short videos that show the most interesting parts according to your parameters and criteria (like specific date and/or time or person). Once you configure it, it’ll create a 2-minute long video with the most important parts.

As usual, the Powershot N100 features Wi-Fi connectivity so you can transfer your pictures without cables or instantly upload them to the cloud. It also offers NFC connectivity so you can either control the camera remotely with an Android device or instantly share your pictures with them with the touch of a single button.

The PowerShot N100 will see the light in May and it will cost 349.99 USD.

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