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Eye-Fi is now in Europe with their Mobi cards

Although Eye-Fi cards (which saw the light in 2006) could be found in Europe since a few years ago –distributed by SanDisk-, this American company has decided to finally enter the European market by themselves.

At the official press release yesterday in Madrid, they presented the Eye-Fi Mobi and talked a bit about the Windows Desktop Receiver. This is a Windows program still in beta phase that allows you to send the pictures in your Eye-Fi Mobi card to your computer wirelessly.

Although they were just officially presented yesterday, Eye-Fi Mobi cards are pretty well known. These Wi-Fi-capable cards were until very recently distributed by SanDisk. The newest version, now released by Mobi, makes wireless connection between the card and your devices as easy and fast as possible, the manufacturer said.

Simple Synchronization

Eye-Fi cards were mainly criticized for the annoyingly long sync process, which required –among other things- an account at the official website.

Each of the new Eye-Fi Mobi cards includes a unique code you must input in the aforementioned program. Then, the card is synchronized automatically so you can transfer your pictures in real time.


Mobi cards retain the SD format (Class 10 at 23 Mbps) and they’re oriented for the average user. Though it can handle HD (less than 2 GB), the Eye-Fi Mobi does not support the transfer of RAW pictures. The app, on the other hand, will be available for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire, and a rumored Windows Phone version is being developed.

Now available in Europe, the Eye-Fi Mobi card can be found in 8, 16 and 32 GB versions and it costs 42, 62 and 82 Euros, respectively. They have an average ratio of 27 meters outdoors and about half indoors.

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