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FocusMaker: a low – cost focus assistant


Simple, affordable and convenient. These three adjectives could be used to define FocusMaker, an ingenious Focus Assistant that supports a large number of lenses. Operating it is very simple: the device adapts to the lens focusing ring with an adjustable rubber-made part which allows us to control the lens. It is possible to move accurately and smoothly from different focal planes, as you can appreciate in the following video.

Built in hard plastic and presented in a small carrying case, it’s a well-finished and durable product. And although its price (about 80 Dollars) might seem excessive for an accessory as simple as this, the fact is that it is a very useful tool that perfectly fulfills its purpose.

Of course, before you purchase it, it should be noted that not every lens can be used with FocusMaker, especially if they have a very small filter diameter, lack a standard minimal focus ring or are so short that no device can be fitted comfortably.

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