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Fujifilm X100F, features for the new camera coming in February

2016 is ending, but the year will not leave us without some rumors about the new Fujifilm camera. The Japanese company is preparing a new edition of its compact camera with fixed lens, the Fujifilm X100F. Its launch is expected for the month of February, and we already know many of its technical specifications.

Fujifilm X100F, a classic Fuji

Since the launch of the Fujifilm X100, this series of cameras has become one of the favorites of the brand since it perfectly represents everything that is Fuji. A camera with advanced photography options, a fixed lens that offers an impressive optical quality, and the possibility of taking it wherever you go thanks to it being very compact and small. The Fuji X100S and the Fuji X100T arrived later, but now we can expect a renewal of the latter, a new version, the new Fujifilm X100F.


Features of the Fuji X100F

These are the features that have been rumored for the new Fuji X100F and that we hope to be true:

  • 24-Megapixel X-Trans CMOS III Sensor
  • Similar Design compare to the Fujifilm X100T
  • Same 23mm lens with f / 2 aperture
  • Same battery
  • Controls similar to those of the X-Pro2
  • Front Grip with Dial as in the X-Pro2
  • Joystick as in the X-T2
  • Fixed LCD Display
  • No 4K Recording

We have the already classic Fujifilm camera sensor with a resolution of 24 megapixels. And also the 23 mm fixed lens with an aperture of f/2. When we call it fixed, we are not only talking about non-variable focal, it is also not interchangeable, so it is a compact camera without interchangeable lenses, which in turn reduces its size and makes it even more portable.

Its design will be the same as the X100T, although with some additions. For example, we’ll find the same shutter speed dial and ISO that we see in the X-Pro2. But that is not all, we can see another element inspired by that camera, and that is the dial on the front grip, with which we can modify different values depending on the selected characteristics in each case.

Among the shortcomings of the camera, we find the obvious. Neither 4K nor folding screen, looking to reduce in price and size and weight.

What we don’t know yet is the processor the camera will have, which could be the X-Processor Pro of the X-Pro2, or the more standard and somewhat older one we see in more basic cameras like the latest X-A3.

We can expect a price of about 1500 Euros, and it will be just one of the options in the Fujifilm catalog with a concept different from that of the X-Pro2 and X-T2.

Its launch is expected somewhere between the months of January and February. It could be made official in January, and be released at the CP+ Show in Yokohama.

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