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Hasselblad H5D-50c

Hasselblad will present during the first months of 2014 a medium-format camera that will be the first to feature CMOS technology and a 50-megapixel resolution.

Hasselblad H5D-50c

That’s what Ove Bengston, the Company Chief, stated; he also said the new model will be based on the H5D-50.

Apparently, the new model will offer, among other features, higher ISOs, longer exposure times and faster shutter speed.

By using a CMOS, it will offer an improved LiveView mode as well as "Multi-Shot". Though not many details are known, we think –or hope- the back screen will be as excellent as a camera like this demands it with this new LiveView.

Until March, the price and availability of the H5D-50c will remain unknown, so the new model, probably available for Photokina, will be made known in September.

It seems the collaboration with Sony has had its advantages… And while we’re at it, Ian Rawcliffe is the CEO of Hasselblad, replacing Larry Hansen…who we won’t miss too much. We wish success to the new CEO.

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