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Hasselblad introduces its 200-megapixel camera

Hasselbad has put two medium-format cameras on the market that belong to the H5D family. These models are the H5D-50C MS and the H5D-200C MS with a medium-format CMOS sensor and up to 200 megapixels, achieved by combining the 50 megapixels that Sony offers with Hasselblad’s pixel displacement technology.


Hasselblad has released two new medium format cameras H5D belonging to the family. These models are the H5D MS-50C and MS-200C H5D a medium format CMOS sensor and up to 200 megapixels achieved with the 50 megapixel Sony offers and pixel shift technology Hasselblad.

These models replace the H4D 50MS and 200MS and are obviously intended for studio photos, where one can use the full potential of these cameras’ formidable maximum resolution.

Both cameras have a 50-megapixel sensor and have a size of 32.9 by 43.8 mm, with a sensitivity range of 100 to 6,400 ISO and an exposure time of 12 minutes. Both also feature a 3-inch LCD TFT monitor with a depth of 24 bits and a resolution of 460,320 pixels.

Without a doubt, these are two great options for studio photography, but the price will certainly put off a few potential buyers: 36,000 dollars for the conventional camera, which means these two multishot models will cost much more. So if you want one of these cameras you’d better start saving.

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