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HDR-AS20, Sony’s new action camera.

The Sony HDR-AS20 is a new action camera that will surely not take long to gain the approval of extreme sports enthusiast. Who can’t spend a lot but need to take high quality photos.

Sony HDR-AS20

Lately action cameras are becoming very popular. Not surprisingly, the only thing better than experiencing something live, is the ability to share our experiences. These small gadgets allow us to record from a first person perspective while being hands free so that extreme sports can be done.

Sony among the many products it manufactures has a handful of live action cameras. They aren’t behind with the times, but instead are modern enough to be a good competitor. The latest action camera Sony has developed is the HDR-AS20. It has everything tool necessary to become an industry favorite.

Sony HDR-AS20

The Sony HDR-AS20 features an Exmor R CMOS sensor paired with lenses provided by Zeiss which insures amazing image quality. Besides its BIONZ image processor insures that you will have no trouble in recording in 1080P with up to 60 frames per second. It doesn’t have the quality of Panasonic’s 4K camera but it is astonishingly good for the current time.

The best thing about the Sony HDR-AS20 is that it has a bunch of accessories that can make it better. We will also find inside the box a protective case that will allows us to use it under water or the wristwatch that is also a wireless camera.

The deciding point for the HDR-AS20, one of the most attractive cameras on the market, is its reasonable price of 199 dollars.

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