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How to do a search with you Smartphone Camera

The camera of your smartphone is useful for more things than to take pictures of your food, your cat, or to take selfies in the mirror. Discover how to use it to find anything.

Smartphone Camera

There is a phrase that I never tire of repeating, and that is the more intelligent electronic devices become, we become dumber. Not that we’re becoming stupid, but you cannot deny that our technological dependence is sometimes very large and have stopped doing many things ourselves, so that a machine can do them in our place, like remembering phone numbers, birthdays and directions.

I have nothing against technology. On the contrary, I love it, and I try to take advantage of everything I can that is within my reach. A tool that more and more people have on their hands is a smartphone. They are almost an extension of our memory and brain that helps us be: more productive, more efficient, more organized and helps us obtain information all the time in huge quantities. There are several applications that further raise the potential of our smartphone to make it even more exceptional, applications that let us simply use the camera to find out almost anything.

Google Goggles

Although this application has existed for enough time, between us, very few people use it or ignore it. Google Googles exists since 2009 but there are still people who first discovered it today. These goggles allow you to use your camera to make searches in Google and let a picture tell a thousand words. It has certainly happened to more than one person who has it. That you are looking at something and ask yourself what it is, but you do not know to figure it out because you don’t have the adequate name and can’t say "that thing with something" this does not provide relevant results.

If you use Android, Google Goggles is a standalone application available on the Play Store for free; you just have to open the app, take a picture and wait for the results. But make sure that you have good lighting so that the image can be analyzed correctly.

If you use an iPhone, the Goggles are integrated into the Google Search app for iOS, you only need to click on the search bar and click the camera icon to search for an image; take the photo and hope that Google will show the correct information. Depending on what you search for and your location you can get results about products that you can buy or reviews of products.



If you’re interested in buying something, finding out a price, or seeing user reviews, Amazon is an excellent place to do it. The official Amazon app for Android and iOS includes several special search functions: one through bar codes, and the other through photos from the camera. Just open the application, click the search icon and choose the one you want. The first scan barcodes Live, and the second lets you take a photo of anything and Amazon tells you if that item or a similar one is available in the store. It is especially useful with books, and movies or video games.

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