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How to fix the problem of dark visor during manual exposure

Despite the great benefits of the EVF for the latest X Series cameras, the fujistas who have used an optical SLR viewfinder for many years often go through a difficult transition. A frustration expressed over and over again in our forum is the inability to see anything in the viewfinder or on the LCD in low light scenarios, and having to use the manual exposure mode. In particular, this situation occurs especially in the contexts of studio photography and use of flashes, and night photography and use of the camera in Bulb mode.

Keep in mind that, by default, the viewfinder and the LCD screen show you a preview of the photo exposed to the values that we have indicated to trigger. For flash photography, the preview will be completely dark because it will be correctly exposed right up to the time of the shooting and the activation of the flash of light. It’s those moments of ignorance and uncertainty in which you’d like an optical viewfinder, because with the SLR you see at least as perceived by the human eye without underexposure in between.

However, this problem is easily solved. In each Series X camera there is an option to make the preview forget about the trigger parameters that we have indicated and directly show our frame in the viewfinder with the best lighting possible. To activate it, we have to look at the setup menus -the blue- SCREEN SETUP section. In this menu option it will appear the option SHOW MANUAL EXP, in which we have to select NO.

While we have set this parameter to NO, the lighting that will be seen in the live view will no longer correspond to the light that will capture the picture, but with what the camera thinks is the best light to see well the composition that we have in frame. Actually, this option improves the optical viewfinder’s display, as it allows you to perceive details in the darkness than one’s view of the human eye through the mirror of an SLR.

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