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How to Shoot In The Dark Without Using A Flash?

Darkness is a very tempting setting when talking about photography. Whether you are practicing night portrait or night scenes in general, the situation becomes complicated when you don’t understand very well the capacity of your camera. And it gets even worse when you don’t have a flash in hand, or because it is simply not allowed to use in the place where you are. So what is the best option to light without flash? You must go to the technical values ​​of your camera and just prepare your photographic eye, provided you are aware of your equipment limitation; let’s see what are the best tips to take photos without flash.

Illuminating a setting without flash? Yes you can!

Great aperture. We have talked before about the aperture and the way in which it affects the brightness in your photographs. The aperture capacity depends on your photographic lens and remember that the lower the f/, the more ability to open the diaphragm. Therefore, to set a suitable aperture we will need lenses of at least f / 2.8.

light up a setting without flash

ISO sensitivity. Aha, this is one of the worst enemies of some photographic equipment, especially the old school ones. Fortunately, if you have a relatively new camera, this means that ISO sensitivity is enhanced by the size of the sensor. Use higher levels to light without flash, always taking care of digital noise.

light up a setting without flash

Slow shutter speed. To light up a setting without flash, you will sometimes need to get more light to enter the camera. In addition to a significant aperture and a high ISO speed, you can modify also the shutter speed.

That’s right: prepare to hold the camera with great force. You can make use of the safety belt and tense it with your neck. Clearly, if possible, you can use a tripod to make this easier. Remember that for correct exposure, you must be very careful with the values ​​that interfere in exposition: aperture, shutter and ISO sensitivity.

A Spot Metering. Do you remember how light measuring works? It’s best that in order to get a better focus and to make a better use of light, to use a spot light meter, because otherwise you can get a false calculation of distributed light throughout the frame.

light up a setting without flash

Focus. When you want to obtain light without flash, focusing on areas with contrast may be the key element for your main object or person to be perfectly portrayed in the photograph. Just look for areas where the shadows, brightness and colors find juxtaposition.

One suggestion to get light with or without flash:

One recommendation I know that I don’t need to give you: use the RAW format to shoot without flash light. I hope that these tips serve you to not feel limited by the absence of light or low light conditions. To your success!

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