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How to show your photos physically and digitally

Today we frequently have the opportunity to take photos often that we practically dedicate ourselves to accumulate images. How many photos have you printed in the last year? And how many times do you re-visit your archive to remember precious moments? Take your photos out of your memory box and find how to show your photos in both a digital and physical holder.

Digital Support

The most important thing for your whether they are physical or digital format is that they are good: choose only those photos that manage to express what you want to say and keep the quantity low so you don’t get bored.

Digital Frame

Do you have a bunch of photos that you love but don’t want to print? Do you get bored fast looking at the same kind of images and would like to change frequently? To look at your photos without printing them, you make yourself a digital frame: At first the expenditure is great but over a long time you would save on printing costs of millions of photos. You can also use it to place a static photo of change it when you want to.

Digital Presentation

We are referring to compositions when images occur to music’s beat and that you can later export to video. This form of presenting images can have a great impact if you do it right. Just remember to keep a balance between the duration of the images. Time the best photos with the highlights of the song or choose the transitions between the images.

You can save these images in a pen drive, external hard disk, or publish them on social networks. If the video looks professional add your contact information and web address at the end. You never know where you will find the next client.

Online Photo Albums

A good way to get recognition for your photos is by publishing them in some of the social networks specially geared towards photography, in a personal blog or web page. Many are free and let you organize your photos in albums. Add the title and description of the photo, also include technical data and geolocation.

Physical Support

There is nothing like having a photograph in your hands. A printed image has an un-imaginable impact. Nor is it the same impression of going to a photo exhibition: the gallery, materials, lighting, and space. It’s definite to see a printed photo is an experience.

Photographic Paper

If you only want a few physical copies of your digital photographs then printing them in photographic paper is a better option. You have to determine what result you want to have and choose between the different sizes, types of paper, finishes, black and white or color. Remember to have them framed and placed in a location where you can see them frequently. Printing photos to have them in a drawer is like not having done anything.

Photo Book

A good alternative to the classic photo album is the photo Book. Where you can print your photos and show your creativity with: different size photos, combine colors with black and white, add text, use different backgrounds, etc. There are online store that offer templates that are easy to edit, although if you are ready you can make one that is 100% yours. The final touch in a photo book is in the finishes: type of paper, cover materials, and binding.


In your photo collection surely there is one of a landscape of portrait that you would like to save in a more artistic format. A good way to enjoy your photograph is to print it large on a canvas. It’s an elegant and original solution to admire the beauty of the image and decorate the house with your memories.

These are the more popular formats to show your photographs in digital and physical format. If you think of something else share your opinion with us.

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