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How to take panoramic photos with Camera


When we travel to a place we don’t know, more than one of us enjoys taking pictures of the landscape. Some places are beautiful, and there’s nothing better than save them in our camera to enjoy them later in our computer, our TV or, of course, print them.

Sometimes, a regular photo isn’t enough to capture all the beauty from a landscape, and in those cases we should take a panoramic photo. There are many ways to do this. Do you not know how? Then, today we’ll teach you a few tricks to take them in a very easy way.

The first step: taking the pictures

Let’s start with the basics: A panoramic photo is comprised of several horizontal images, or even vertical ones. The combination of these gives us a wider vision in comparison with a normal photo, and it also mimics what we see when we turn our head.

We can take panoramic photos of a lot of places. It doesn’t have to be just from a viewpoint, the center of a city is also a good choice, for example, or wide monuments, like a palace.

You can take this kind of picture of a lot of places and things. The important thing is to be creative and look for places that allow us to take a great picture. Now that we’ve done with the introduction, let’s go to the practice.

With or without a tripod?


When taking panoramic photos, you can either opt for using a tripod or simply hold the camera in your hands. The latter gives us more freedom, however, me must be careful not to move too much, otherwise we will most likely have to crop or edit our picture a little bit so it matches.

Using a tripod will give the best results and it’s the most practical choice. It’s easy to use, we will avoid moving unnecessarily, and mounting pictures is really easy since all of them should have been taken in the same axis, we only had to move the camera horizontally.

Picture by picture or with an intelligent mode

Like we said, a panoramic is a group of several pictures. So we have two choices: draw imaginary lines and take picture by picture indivually, or use an intelligent mode for this purpose, if our camera has a function for that.

Most cameras already feature this. They give good results for a quick job if you’ll later post-process it, but the best results are achieved by taking each picture separately and then merge them into one in the PC.

Preparing the pictures in the computer


And this is the last step, if we took the pictures with an intelligent mode of our camera, it’s not necessary to do anything but to copy them to the hard drive. Otherwise, we’ll need special software to get our panoramic photo done. Make sure it features a layer system and it has rulers, Photoshop is a good choice.

After putting the pictures together, we should have a single, very wide picture, with the height of a common photo. Later, as if it were a collage, we’ll need to set every picture on different layers like a puzzle. If you need more space, simple increase the picture’s dimensions.

Pictures taken with a tripod are easy to crop and merge them. If we didn’t use a tripod, however, we may have to edit the images, like adjust them to respect the axis. That’s why having on-screen rulers to guide us and correctly adjust the pictures in the correst position.

Have you ever took a panoramic photo? Tell us your experience. If doesn’t matter if you did it manually or with an intelligent mode, we want to know about your creations and stories.

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