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How to Take Powerful Motion Blur Pictures To Give The Illusion of Movement

Taking Powerful Motion Blur Pictures can be a difficult technique, but it’s definitely worth it.

The photographs made with Motion Blur to give the illusion of movement are extremely appealing to the human eye, by just juxtaposing two very different conditions in a scene: the frozen and the sense of movement. Before going over the tips, let’s review what this effect consists of.

Motion Blur Pictures

The Motion Blur Picture is simply the effect of background motion, with a protagonist almost perfectly exposed in a sharp and precise way. It would actually appear that there are two types of different shuttering speeds in one scene, or as if ultimately the picture was modified (just as shocking it can result!). However, nothing is further from reality. A Motion Blur Picture can be a bit difficult because it involves the movement of your own axis and the movement of one external (or more) agents that usually are the protagonists of the photo.

It sounds a little bit complicated, right? But do not worry. Now let’s talk about a few tips to get it perfectly.

Shutter speed. Well, definitely the shutter speed is key, as you may have already guessed. However, to take a good Motion Blur Picture, you must use the lowest shuttering speed than what you normally use shutter, but taking into account the speed of the subject. The faster the subject, the speed should be relatively fast too.

Motion Blur Pictures

The flash. For Motion Blur Picture, the flash is often useful in exposing the subject against a background that is completely moving. You can use it in any of its presentations.

Progressive mode. If your camera has this mode set up, then this is the time to use it. It is useful to achieve focus of the elements in front of the camera movement. Otherwise, you may as well use the manual mode. However, keep in mind that the manual mode will probably take a couple of attempts or at least it will be more complex to manage.

Motion Blur Picture

Move until the shutter is closed. Don’t forget to follow the moving subject or item until the camera gives you the click of having finished shooting. Otherwise, you will get uncertain frames and that’s the least you want after having worked so hard to achieve the Motion Blur Pictures effect.

Patience. Yes, I assure you that patience is a "must" to make a Motion Blur Picture. It is always difficult to take moving pictures and it is even more so when you also have to move.

Motion Blur Picture

Don’t worry if you take several attempts. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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