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HTC abandons its UltraPixel camera on the new ONE M8 Eye

The company replaced the criticized UltraPixel module with 4 Megapixels with a conventional 13 MP sensor in its terminal.

While the idea behind the "UltraPixel" module look good, a sensor with larger sensors able to capture more light in difficult situations, with a limited resolution of 4 megapixels was that in many situations not enough.

Now, HTC has launched a new version of its flagship terminal the UltraPixel camera with 13-megapixel sensor. This smartphone will reach the Asian market initially with the name of HTC One M8 Eye. The name reminds us of the Desire Eye which the company launched yesterday, but this time it has nothing to do with selfies.


Otherwise it is the same terminal as the original HTC One M8, with its dual camera, aluminum body and Snapdragon 801 processor in its interior.

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