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If you like Nikon Df and exclusive gadgets, check out the new DF Gold Edition

Technology manufacturers in general, not just cameras, don’t usually resist the temptation to squeeze even more its most successful models on the market by placing more luxurious and refined versions that give them this exclusive air, and therefore it seems to attract certain types of buyers.

Nikon DF Gold Edition

Fujifilm has done this with their Graphite Silver Edition of its fantastic X-T1, and now Nikon is following this trend by presenting the Df Gold Edition, a version of its DSLR Full Frame with retro style, that as you can see from the images, it is topped with some gold finishes.

Yes, I must be fair, though, and for that I have to stress that the X-T1 Edition Graphite Silver, which in theory will hit stores this month, does not bet so obviously for luxury like the Df Gold Edition and it golden finishes. For me, the truth is that the rich look of the latter does not cut it. From an aesthetic point of view I would gladly buy the Fujifilm, but not the Nikon, though this depends on individual taste.

Nikon Japan has confirmed that it will begin distributing the Df Gold Edition, starting on December in limited quantities, but it seems unlikely that we can find this camera out of the land of the rising sun. It will come at a price of 2,685 dollars.

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