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In-depth Sony NEX 6 review: an EVIL camera to send our files via Wi-Fi

Sony NEX 6 review

Cameras don’t stop evolving, and one of the most innovative features in recent years is the Wi-Fi connectivity: Being able t send photos from the memory card to the computer, phone or mobile device without using cables or adapters.

This feature has been slowly incorporated in pretty much every model out there, and one of the most interesting ones is the Sony NEX 6, a CSC camera with interchangeable lenses, which we will review today.

Body and design

One of the main features of cameras with interchangeable lenses is its size: Slightly bigger tan compact cameras, but with the power of a reflex. The latter, of course, still exist because they offer a much greater quality.

Well, let’s go back to the NEX 6. Its magnesium-made body is robust, and gives the impression that this camera is very solid. Compact and with an excellent size/price ratio: the first impression is certainly not disappointing.

After that, we took a look at the buttons, and noticed it has two wheel dials in the upper part and one in the back. The buttons are also very strategically placed. It’s clearly designed with the advanced user in mind.


And even if you’re not an advanced user, it’s easy to get used to it thanks to its fully customizable dials. We missed the NEX 7 double dial, but that doesn’t mean the NEX 6 performs commendably well. Also, the buttons arebetter made this time.

The back screen is foldable, which means we can freely move it. The angle is more than enough for taking pictures when we can’t see well what’s in front of us. It’s not a touch screen, but the resolution and image quality are great.

Right next to the screen, there’s an electronic display to help us take better pictures. It’s an interesting feature that can be found in other cameras from the series. It’s not the same mechanism reflex cameras feature, but feels just like one.

To sum up, the Sony NEX 6 is a great camera that can be used single or two-handedly, depending on the picture we want to take. Its design is great and the buttons are fully customizable, great for beginners and experts alike.


Sony has included one of their most powerful sensors with the NEX 6: the EXMOR APS HD CMOS, a 16-megapixel sensor, capable of offering great results no matter the level of ambient light.

There’s also the BIONZ processor to make the magic happen. We can add ISO noise without having to worry about the pictures being too grainy. It behaves greatly and the results it gave during our tests were excellent.


There are many available lenses for the E-type lens mount. By default, we have a 16-50mm lens, which offers great quality and luminosity, especially at short distances. It’s very versatile, perfect for most conditions, except for taking pictures of far-away objects.

Wi-Fi connectivity

The main feature of the Sony NEX 6 is its Wi-Fi connectivity to send files and photos wirelessly to other devices. All you need is the camera and the device that will receive the photos, both connected to the same network. Once this is done, transferring pictures is a very easy process.

Without a doubt, a good move on Sony’s part, since sharing pictures is a really simple process. We can transfer our pictures to any device imaginable, like our computer, mobile device or even the TV, if it supports it, of course.

Also, in addition to all these features, the camera can enhance the pictures directly from its interface. Something very simple and a nice extra, since most of the similar apps aren’t free –not that they’re expensive, but it’s worth noting-. Still, it’s probably better to edit them in the PC.


The Sony NEX 6 is, today, Sony’s most complete compact camera with interchangeable lenses. The Wi-Fi connectivity and a great sensor that goes beyond the typical 18-55mm make it the perfect choice for those looking for great quality in a small size.

The camera performs very well, it has a long battery life and, in short, it’s perfect if you’re looking for a small, quality camera.

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