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Interviewing Torben Hondong from Fujifilm: X-Pro2 and future lenses.

Admiringlight’s guys are thoroughly working on the coverage of Fujifilm’s stand at Photokina, and today they have interviewed Torben Hondong, Fujifilm Germany’s manager, who has answered some of the many key questions on the Fujifilm lovers’minds:

Stabilization in the XF Fujinon F2.8 16-55mm

It is a matter of size. According to the Germanic corporative, the Fujinon XF 16-55mm F2.8 optical stabilizer fell down from the final design because it would have as result a longer, broader and heavier lens. They considered that the lens would work successfully without stabilization.

Fujifilm X-Pro2

Big size of the new lenses

Dimensions of some of the coming objectives foreseen on route sheets are not precisely restrained. The most catching in this sense is the XF 90mm F2, a “big-headed” lens considering its focal and opening. Torben Hondong has stated that future lenses exposed at Photokina are only “prototypes” that might not be correspondent with the final design which can be smaller. He highlights as well that the size of the lenses is justified with the search of the optimum image, an idea usually repeated by Fujifilm speakers.

Future lenses

Fujifilm wants to keep exploring two product lines: high range lenses, with big openings, of a bigger size and higher Price; and, on the other hand, a smaller line in both, dimensions and price.

According to Mr. Hondong, Fujinon XF 56mm F1.2 R APD launch has started a more specialized range of lenses which could include some fisheye and tilt shift models… The success of the first X Series apodized lens will determine the possibility of creating new objectives on this line.

On the other side, the German manager says that there are no plans for long focal fixed teleobjective lenses, even though they could appear on 2016 route sheet. About the rumor of a possible new Fujinon XF 35mm F1.4, he doesn’t know about any short-term plan.

Fuji X-Pro2

Torben Hondong has spoken about the future Fuji X-Pro2 and he has focused on the visor’s aspect. The challenge consists on implementing a Fuji-XT1 level electronic visor on the hybrid visor in the size of a Fuji X-Prol, something technically difficult. It seems that there won’t be an announcement of the X-Pro2 shortly, since the German manager stated that they had to check on the response to the Fuji X100T for considering a substitute of the X-Prol.

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