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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s vs LG G3. First camera comparative?

Users with the new iPhone 6 in their hands continue to reveal data from the device’s, and if some hours ago we could see the results of the first benchmark, now it is the turn of the back camera with a photograph taken in complicated lighting conditions. It is a typical night scene with many contrasting zones that manage to make even the best sensors in the market, cringe. How does iPhone 6 fares against this situation?

If we trust in the veracity of this image, and that we cannot see in bigger resolution, the iPhone 6 shows an evident improvement in image quality when compared against iPhone 5S. Its sensor appears way more luminous and the new optic stabilization system will help improve the results attained with the back camera.

Surely on the keynote we will see way more impressive photos tan those presented here but let’s not forget that under optimal light conditions, even the barely good cameras can take good pictures, helped by a bit of hand. Everything is not as pretty as it is shown on the promotional videos. Even so, we have to recognize that iPhone 6’s camera has taken a qualitative huge leap in these last years and although it may seem like we are stuck on an 8 megapixels sensor, their capacities as well as their lenses have been improved generation by generation.

If all the leaks are true, iPhone 6 will again repeat an 8 megapixels back camera although with the optic stabilization and the possible improvements on quality that it may carry.

Below, you can see a comparative in which we see a photo with better resolution, so that you can compare the results that iPhone 6 offers against the iPhone 5 and the LG G3. The pictures are rescaled so their quality is lower than what they really offer.

iPhone 6 camera

iPhone 6

iPhone 5s camera

iPhone 5s



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