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Kaiser KR 90 – LEDs for macro photography

The light ring designed by Kaiser for macro photography is now available. It’s comprised by LEDs that increase the battery size and ensures the best image quality and color intensity.

The Kaiser KR 90 is designed to attach to the lens thanks to its 77mm threaded area (versions with different sizes also exist). Thanks to its 30 triple-chip LEDs, it offers a luminous intensity of 1650 lux at 5500 ºK, more than enough to obtain incredible pictures at a distance between 3 and 30 centimeters in a 110-degree angle. The light shuts off automatically when the battery runs out, so the intensity is constant.

Made of duralumin, this ring is also very small (14.2 centimeters in diameter and a weight of just 300 grams) and lacks external connections since it doesn’t need cables to work, as it has everything it needs inside it. Also, instead of batteries, it uses a rechargeable lithium battery capable of lasting for up to two hours.

The Kaiser KR 90 light ring features a standard threaded area of ¼ of an inch, so it’s capable of adapting to any tripod and therefore it can work from different angles. It also comes with five adapter rings, a fast charger, a second one for the car and a protective case worth approximately 400 dollars..

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