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Leaked pictures and data about the new Olympus E-M1

Olympus has been working for years in a high-end model capable of taking full advantage of the Four Thirds system, that’s no secret. However, it seems the wait will soon be over and the company will recently announce the new E-M1.

That’s what the video made by the guys at Engadget says, according to the leaks published in 43 Rumors. Besides the design of this hypothetical model –which will keep the features and specs of the OM-D series (16 megapixels, 9 frames per second, Wi-Fi, etc) – the most interesting leak affects its relationship with the Zuiko lenses with Four Thirds bayonet.


Despite the rumors about some sort of hybrid mount, the E-M1 will feature a conventional Micro Four Thirds bayonet, which means an adapter will be needed to use Four Thirds lenses. The camera will most likely have a faster focus speed compared to previous models, and it will rival –according to what Olympus has been promising- the performance of the manufacturer’s most recent SLR models.

According to this rumor website, the E-M1 will hit the market in September and it will cost around 1600 dollars. There are also rumors about a new M.Zuiko zoom with standard lens and a constant luminosity of f2.8.

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