Leaked pictures of the Hasselblad Stellar, a premium version of the Sony RX100

Just as Hasselblad said in the last edition of Photo kina when the new Lunar –which is based on the NEX-7- was released, the collaboration between Sony and this brand will not be limited to just one model. Now, we have here the RX100, a popular compact camera which also serves as the base for the upcoming Hasselblad Stellar.

Hasselblad Stellar

In the images of the Stellar Hasselblad published by PhotoRumors are different versions of this compact Camera from Sony RX100.

According to PhotoRumors, this model will be officially available to the public on July 26th, with a Price ranging from 1600 to 3200 USD, depending on the version you choose.

Just as it happened with the Lunar, it seems every change between the previous model and the Sony RX100 will be merely aesthetic, as they focused in the changing the camera’s case and handle. The latter will be available in half a dozen different designs.

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