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LEICA T: First impression


We were invited to try the new camera of Leica at the company’s site in Los Angeles, U.S.A. We have been privileged to have in our hands this valuable camera that has been in the make in the last two years. This German manufacturer has incorporated the trendy “touch screens”, without leaving behind all the other important factors that set this camera among the high ones. The design, elegance and quality are all present in this new Leica T.

Let’s get into the details:

Novelties in the Specifications:


Leica has taken its time to get to the time of digital cameras due to its traditionalism. As a fact, Leica is one of the few companies that still produce cameras with film in rolls. The new Leica is mirrorless, meaning it has interchangeable zooms. In this model we have 2 buttons and two dials. From its frame it surges a flash when activated.

From the LCD screen of 3.7 inches with 854 x 480 pixels, we can manage the majority of the functions. The sensor is an APS-C with 16, 3 Megapixels; it has a slot for SDHC cards and a storing capacity of 16 GB; it also has Wi-Fi connectivity. It is possible to add an EVF visor that gets activated when the eye is close by.

We also can incorporate two lenses to the camera: A Vario-Elmar Zoom with 18 – 56 mm ( f/3.5-5.6) and a Summicron with 23mm f/2. The Leica T can shot pictures up to 12,800 ISO and it is capable of recording video in full HD to 30 fps.

Careful Design


We cannot forget that the partnership of Audi and Leica has had an important and valuable input in the design of this unique metal piece. While in Los Angeles the main designers responsible for this camera told us that the manufacture is based on a single metal piece, quite heavy as we could tell while holding it. The final result is an 8% of this initial piece: a camera that feels well in the hands and is light. The shining of the end product is a consequence of a 45 minutes manual polishing.

Together with the camera are accessories for sale that are incorporated with a simple “click”, Leica wants the process of interchanging accessories done fast and in a simple way.

A Simple Operating System


The operating system is surprisingly easy and handled by a general menu where we could save our most used preferences and at the same time have a secondary set of preferences for taken pictures or record videos. The Leica “Touch Screen” answers to the user without problems and it is very easy to navigate.

Given that the camera allows Wi-Fi connectivity, we asked the engineers of the Leica T if they are thinking to incorporate access for third applications, such as Instagram; they told us that they are presently working with companies like Instagram to make this a reality. They are also considering a partnership with the operating System Tizen, developed by Samsung together with other brands, in order to integrate it in the cameras.

Price and Availability


The Leica T will be available the next 26th of May and the cost will be 1,850 USD. The Zoom lens are priced at 1, 800 USD, and the Prime ones are valued at 1,900 USD.

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